Saturday, June 18, 2011

The newest addition to our family. . . .

We just got a puppy in April. He is a shih tzu and is so cute!! I have always wanted to get a dog, but all of the apartments and places we have been living didnt allow them. When we started to rent this house in west valley i called up the owners and asked if we would be able to get a dog? They asked what kind we wanted and when i told them they were more than happy to say YES. They have had many shih tzu's and agreed that they were a good dog to have.

His name is LEO. we came up with that name from the REAL soccer team's mascots. Kyle wanted to name it from someone on the team, but then came up with the LEO the lion. His full name is Leo Ding Spackman. :) Ding came from his ancestor's. haha When we bought him they gave us a pedigree chart of all the names of his ancestor's in the family tree. So of course we had to keep the name Ding going so it could be brought down from many generations.

He was born on Feb. 28th. He is a very good dog and is doing well on potty training so far. 

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