Saturday, June 18, 2011


Kyle and I felt like it was right to start a family this year. Even though it seems so crazy for only being married 7 months at the time we knew it was what needed to happen. I have always loved kids so much and from the time I was little everyone would tell me I would have 10 kids. haha. Even though that is not going to happen I LOVE THEM. I played with dolls until I was 12 years old. Being a mom has been such a dream for me. Kyle is just along for the ride. haha just kidding. He is so excited to be a dad and I know he is going to be such a great one. He loves to read the books week by week of what is happening with our cute little baby blueberry. We may sometimes be a little scared and unsure how we are going to do this at times, but we are so happy and know everything will work out. 

So after trying a couple months and having some disappointments we finally got pregnant. I found out on Sat May 14th. I was getting ready for my best friends wedding and just decided I would take a pregnancy test.. Not thinking much of it or paying attention to it i kept getting ready. I finally just glanced down at it thinking it was going to be negative like all the others in the past it sure wasn't. At first I just stared at it. I wasn't sure what to do or think. I hurried and picked up the phone to call Kyle at work to tell him the news. I remember being so shaky and anticipating how I was going to tell him. He answered and I freaked out. It was so exciting. :) 

I am 8 in a half weeks right now and go to my first doctor's appointment on Monday June 20th. I cant wait. We both have been looking forward to it for a while. 

I have been pretty sick. around 6 weeks I started getting sick at night. This week I became more and more sick through out the day and then around 6 at night it would get worse. I haven't thrown up yet, but almost wish i could sometimes. I used to love chocolate so much, but ever since I have been pregnant it looks so nasty. The only things I have really been craving so far is Starbursts and grilled cheese sandwiches. It kind of stinks because nothing ever sounds good so I am definitely looking forward to my 2nd trimester where I will be more normal again. 

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  1. Oh my goodness, I am so excited for you! You will be the cutest mom. Congrats you two!